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Heretical Teaching on Dispensationalism

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield is known for his teaching on the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" of the Christian Church as well as his teaching on Dispensationalism. The Bible does not teach a "pre-tribulation rapture" nor does it teach "dispensationalism." Both of these doctrines are man-made doctrines/teachings. On the Teachings page at, you will find two teachings titled "Dispensationalism" and "The Error of Dispensation (Video)." The first title above is a compilation from different sources which are noted in the document so the reader can check the sources out for themselves. It is a 74 page downloadable PDF file. The second title above is a 1:04:33 minute video teaching from 119 Ministries. For your convenience the video is below. I always encourage everyone to do your due diligence in searching out these things and not taking other peoples "opinions" as "fact." We can listen to others and then check out what we have heard, seen and/or read.

Viewing Scripture through the indoctrinated lens of dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in mainstream Christianity. In this teaching, 119 Ministries examines dispensationalistic thinking. They test this teaching/doctrine using the Absolute Written Word we know as the Bible. They allow the viewer to generate their own conclusions and encourage the viewer to begin their own study on this subject matter. It is my hope and prayer that this teaching will bless and serve the Body of Yeshua/Jesus, allowing His people to "see" His Written Word the way our beloved Heavenly Father intended and the way our Messiah modeled for us.

In the following four part series videos, you will learn about the heretical teachings on dispensation and other things which will expose C. I. Scofield's heretical teachings on the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" and "Dispensation."

In the following video which is a 57:56 minutes long, you will learn about The Heresy that Caused the Current Cultural Defeat of the Western Church. The last hundred years, says John Alley, have seen the spiritual demise of the nations that constitute the West. These nations were formerly based in Christianity but in more recent times have become culturally polluted and corrupted. The remaining nations of the world, on the other hand, have seen a burgeoning growth of Christianity. John links the current condition of the West to the rise of the doctrine of dispensationalist. With the growth in popularity of this doctrine a large percentage of Christians changed what they believed and chose instead a very pessimistic view regarding end times and the ultimate outcome for the Church. A a result, says John, the Western Church has become emasculated, materialistic and increasingly self-centred. John goes on to explain the nature of the true Israel, the law and the consequences of wrong beliefs. This message will provoke serious thinking on the part of the listeners as well as hope for the future.

There are many more videos on YouTube about the false teaching of dispensation. I also encourage the reader to do your own research on this false teaching/doctrine. Do a Google search on "false teaching dispensationalism" and you will find several websites listed to check out. You will not run out to links to check into on this topic.

The enemy is out to deceive, kill and destroy Yahweh's people, believers in Yeshua/Jesus. Galatians 6: 7 says "Be not deceived; YAH is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

For more information on dispensationalism, you may want to check out: Dispensationalism - A Return to Biblical Theology or Pseudo Christian Cult - The Origins of Dispensationalism. This is a free downloadable PDF file.

Be sure to check out the newsletter that has gone into 70 countries since 2012.

May Almighty Yahweh empower each reading of this blog to diligently seek Him and His Absolute Truths. We are living in a God hating, Christ rejecting Sin cursed world.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


Eddie Rogers, Minister, D.D.

One Crying In The Wilderness!

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